Autonomy Kits for Mining & Construction Machinery

Unlock new levels of productivity and safety with open and interoperable autonomy kits from SafeAI

AI-powered autonomy is inevitable.

Being locked to a single brand’s equipment is not.

The demonstrable productivity and safety advantages of AI-driven vehicles and equipment are nearly incalculable, and today’s mining and construction industry leaders know that their bottom line is the key expression point where this value will be revealed. Unlocking this colossal competitive edge requires innovative thinking and smart partnerships.

SafeAI’s autonomy kits are the fleet-agnostic path to colossal gains in productivity and safety for your operations. SafeAI is your path from simple automation to pure autonomy, and the freedom to use the right tool for every task without being locked to a single brand or platform.

Retrofit your existing or future fleets with safety-first, AI-based solutions that are purpose-built for off-highway equipment and start unlocking the promise of AI-driven autonomy.

Why Choose SafeAI’s Autonomy Kits?


Your equipment becomes less reliant on GPS and external networks.

Mixed Fleet Capability:

Stay focused on outcomes, not brand.

Rapid ROI:

Lower threshold of critical infrastructure, fast time to payback on investment.

Future-Proof & Open:

Our platform-first modular-built design gives you flexibility and scalability tailored to your needs.

Universal Components:

Get productive and stay productive with hardware that is fast to implement and fast to replace.

Certified Safe:

Safe AI’s operating system meets MISRA, AUTOSAR, and ISO 26262 ASIL‑D standards and requirements.

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